Using data analytics to enhance service levels

Our data analytics software ensure we see and deal with issues immediately.

Industry leading analytics tool

An automated SQL system with a customer friendly interface for analytics.

New Bank Platform

A business review was undertaken of an established Dutch IAD.

DCC and FX at the ATM

DCC allows the ATM owner to apply the exchange rate to domestic rate for foreign cardholders.

ATM Network Management

With our two decades of experience in the ATM environment we can enhance the profitability ATM networks.

New Payment Service Development

RBCG defined the strategy for a new service development.

Bank Branch Closure

Several retail banks needed to accelerate their branch closure programmes.

Foreign Currency Enhancement

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) into a network of 600 ATMs

AI – Artificial Intelligence

We were challenged to redesign ATM management.

Business Growth for Acquisition

An independent ATM deployer that was well established but stagnating