Advertising on the ATM

How does it work?

  • Images and videos are displayed on the screen of the ATM
  • Campaign screens, can be implemented by time of day, time of week and bespoke to breakfast, lunch or late-night advertising
  • Videos or images are calibrated remotely into the system avoiding
  • deployment costs
  • Advertising can be based around specific offerings or promotional material, the choice is up to the client
  • Receipts can display coupons and advertising
  • The reverse of the receipt can be pre-printed
  • ATM wraps are placed on either side of the machine to advertise the customers brand


Customer benefits

  • A new income stream
  • Proven increase in in-store spending
  • Alignment with samples in-store Increases awareness of products to a target audience
  • Easy and Cost-effective way of getting the customers clients to
  • Purchase their products and offerings
  • Drives sales, drives footfall, drives usage



  • Adverts can be monitored and measured maximising income potential
  • Advertising can be scheduled to the time of day, to target suit products
  • Adverts are updated and deployed remotely
  • The whole model is built and geared around the customer’s bespoke requirements