Industry Leading Analytics Tools

An automated SQL system with a customer friendly interface for analytics.

Analyses the data on multiple transaction types for example:

  • Withdrawal
  • Balance enquiry
  • Denials
  • Rejections

Data can be analysed by:

  • Terminal
  • Time of day
  • Transaction type

The permutations are huge!


Provides trends and reviews in all fields of interest. The bespoke reports are bespoke based on customer requirements and the customer’s portal displays the data and users can run pre-defined reports.

An easy to read dashboard shows current trends and highlights anomalies. This gives customers quick and easy access to their data and trends.


Presents graphical trends.

  • Quick guide to monitoring transactions and alerts
  • Allows clients to optimise customer spend, maximise income and match advertising to client usage
  • Predicts cashflow and maintenance
  • Increases revenue and enhances performance of ATMs