Zip brings virtual card to UK for instore tap and pay

25th November 2021

Buy now, pay later operator Zip is introducing a mobile-based virtual card, enabling UK shoppers…

An update on interchange fees between the UK and EEA

25th November 2021

As of January 2021, the United Kingdom broke away from its long standing relationship with…

How cash plays into a CBDC future

24th November 2021

Source: Cash use in the U.S. has been on the decline for years, but…

Europe’s banks return to fees as profits drop in 2021

22nd November 2021

At Spain’s Caixabank most customers visiting a branch for a service they could access online will…

Irish banks commit €5 million to payment app joint venture Synch

22nd November 2021

Four of Ireland’s largest banks have committed a further €5 million to the establishment of…

Amazon to ban Visa credit cards in the UK

17th November 2021

Amazon UK is to stop accepting credit cards from Visa, blaming the ban on the…

Starling Bank buys £1 billion mortgage book

16th November 2021

Starling Bank has reportedly bought a mortgage book worth around £1 billion as it steps…

Mastercard BNPL programme gains momentum

16th November 2021

Mastercard has signed up a gaggle of new partners – including American Airlines, CSI, Fiserv…

Branded rewards card Imprint raises $38 million

16th November 2021

Late Show host James Corden and former Goldman chief Lloyd Blankfein have joined Thrive Capital…

E-wallet use skyrockets in Europe – Digital wallets first choice for online

12th November 2021

Advancements in digital technology and security coupled with the decline in cash payments accelerated by…

Cloud adoption in banking ramps up

12th November 2021

Nearly three quarters of bank IT executives think that moving to the cloud will help…

Daimler drivers will soon be able to pay with a finger

9th November 2021

Daimler drivers will soon be able to pay for goods and services with the touch…

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