How does it work?

  • Bank outsources all ATM functionality bringing greater cost, overhead and general efficiencies
  • Bank will partner with proven experienced partner
  • Potential to turning a loss making channel into a profit
  • Our new infrastructure provides improved functionality, reporting and efficiencies
  • No build costs as service live already
  • Decades of outsourcing experts in the ATM industry
  • Full outsource of all service, we do not select those services we require
  • Knowledge of countries regulatory requirements, bringing a fully compliant solution
  • Optimising the ATM channel, driving the brand and services
  • Potential to align ATM channel with other bank channels
  • Create new ATM functionality and services to support present and future client requirements
  • Future proof solutions


Customer Benefits

  • Creates new ATM functionality
  • Turn a loss-making channel into a profit
  • Full outsource of all service
  • Drives brand and services through ATM channel



  • Efficiency across the board, overhead, services and costs
  • Tailored to the bank needs & customers requirements
  • Client branding and customer experience
  • Driving costs down through efficiencies
  • Management of scheme rules to drive costs & income
  • Long term benefits, making it more profitable to the customer overall
  • Greater cash availability for the users, currently operating above 99%
  • Simplifies the management process with a single point of contact with SLAs
  • Channel aligned with bank strategy