We specialise in bringing innovative new solutions to both the retail and the banking sector. While at the same time we can ensure your existing business is profitable.

In the banking sector we particularly focus on:

  • AI + machine learning
  • Cloud based solutions
  • Manless branches
  • SME banking solutions
  • Remote estate cost optimisation
  • API solutions with Open Banking

In the retail sector we bring innovation through:

  • White label solutions
  • New income streams such as marketing, bill payment and money transfer
  • Click & Collect services
  • Proximity marketing through beaconing
  • New marketing solutions

Services offered include:

  • ATM strategy definition (sourcing, placement, issuer/acquirer ratio)
  • Platform transformation
  • Channel management across devices
  • ATM network cost optimisation
  • ATM channel integration
  • Interchange optimisation
  • Multi-currency services
  • Click & collect
  • Financial engineering
  • ATM network setup and configuration
  • Retail brand management
  • Dynamic currency conversion
  • Foreign currency services