Platform as a Service (PaaS)

We have built the first Pan European White Label ATM solution where our clients can deploy ATMs in any of the 34 EU states on the same platform with ease.

Our ATM solutions can be up to 70% lower cost than traditional ATM business models and our operations department deal with issues directly through their extensive experience.

Our solution covers API connectivity, drives existing and new devices, while also be able to incorporate new device functionality such as bill payment, money transfer and others as required by our clients.

In the world of ATM networks the ground rules are changing rapidly. We have new internet based technology, cloud based data and AI driven systems which reduce operating costs and enhance service capability. We guarantee to improve profit, enhance customer experience and increase SLA +10%.

Without any affiliations to other organisations we bring a clear, independent and original thinking analysis to projects.

Retail-FCL offers an innovative and capable approach to all our assignments and work in harmony with clients.

Typically our clients see a 10%+ SLA improvement in ability to dispense cash.

Our services include:

  • API solutions
  • Open banking services
  • AI based systems
  • Automated dashboard and analytical tools
  • Cash management
  • Device monitoring
  • Supplier management
  • Branding and merchandising
  • ATM profitability
  • Management information
  • Data analytics
  • ATM network health check
  • ATM network setup and configuration
  • Automated Reconciliation and settlement
  • Scheme management and compliance