Security & Compliance

How does it work?

  • Dealing with the card schemes be they the multi-national schemes such as Visa or Mastercard or domestic schemes such as LINK or Nets can be complex. As they are permanently modifying existing regulations and rules.
  • Dealing within a regulated environment is also like walking a tight rope.
  • We are also seeing fraud move from the physical attack to a online attack on the systems.
  • Retail-FCL takes responsibility for all aspects of regulations and schemes ensuring your ATM network remains physically compliant and protected from fraud.


Customer benefits

  • Retail-FCL looks after the following compliance:
  • Regulatory compliance for existing and future services.
  • Card scheme compliance.
  • Retail-FCL recommends changes to services to maximise scheme income whilst also ensuring compliance.
  • Retail-FCL recommends security layers to protect from all potential attacks including:
  • Skimming
  • Black box
  • Gas attacks



  • One stop shop for security and compliance
  • Retail-FCL takes responsibility for compliance
  • Retail-FCL guides you through the security minefield
  • Retail-FCL enables you to protect your income and liabilities