Automated Bank Branches

How does it work?

  • Bank clients, SME and public, can deposit or change their money at multi-service devices at various convenient locations
  • Functionality can include any variation of…
    • Bag drop including mixtures of notes, coins and cheques
    • Note deposit
    • Coin deposit
    • Note dispensing
    • Rolled coin dispensing
    • Locker support to allow documents, valuables and other services to the clients
  • Efficient and convenient systems for small and medium businesses
  • Automates services allowing banks to reducing overhead dependency
  • Cash recycling and 24hr change machines for local businesses
  • Banks maintain a presence in less populated areas to provide more services for their customers



  • Banks retain their loyal customers with less dependency on traditional services
  • Lower running cost than a branch
  • Banks retain a high street presence
  • No staff needed, therefore increased profit
  • Efficiency through automation allowing bank to focus on sales channel
  • Potential for stronger sales channel to be developed
  • Alignment of branch services with core bank channel strategy



  • Automation can now be deployed easily and effectively without the need for high build costs
  • No need for large IT integration projects as services can be setup around existing bank functionality
  • Reporting, management and services can be exactly aligned with the bank requirements
  • Branding will be that of the bank, providing consistency and customer loyalty