Italy backtracks on pro-cash plans

21st December 2022

Italy’s government has scrapped plans to let merchants refuse digital payments of less than €60…

ECB finds strong demand for both cash and digital payments

21st December 2022

Cash is still the most frequently used means of payment at the point of sale,…

UK banks form company to develop shared banking hubs

21st December 2022

The UK’s top banks have clubbed together to pay for the development of shared banking…

As card use soars, UK retailers demand urgent intervention on interchange and scheme fees

14th December 2022

The British Retail Consortium is calling for emergency intervention to prevent price gouging by the…

ATM use surges in 2022

7th December 2022

The ATM industry is evolving. As banks made adjustments in response to COVID-19 and customer…

Irish Government proposes legislation to protect access to cash

30th November 2022

The Irish government is proposing a legislative framework to protect access to cash in the…


24th November 2022

As banks around the world rationalise their ATM fleets and remove unprofitable units, independent ATM…

Knocked down but not out: the return of cash

21st November 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic had a significant impact on people’s payment habits, with cash use falling…

Money20/20 US: CFPB to finalise US open banking rule by 2024

27th October 2022

Director of the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Rohit Chopra, took to the Money20/20…

Banks challenged to accelerate personalisation and security in the hyper-connected era

25th October 2022

A new report claims that, as in 2021, banks are facing increasing change and consolidating…

Central Bank of Ireland sees steady ATM withdrawal demand

25th October 2022

The Central Bank of Ireland has revealed, in an internal report, that the demand for…

Open banking: The next frontier for enhancing financial experiences

24th October 2022

This is an excerpt from Finextra’s report, ‘The Future of Digital Banking North America 2023‘. We…

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