ATMs: It’s not for just cash anymore

ATMs are no longer just for cash as businesses are discovering, mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that ATMs can be used to sell everything from chocolate to swimming suits. In one case, a cemetery in Switzerland has an ATM that distributes rosaries an condolence cards, according to Forbes report.

Vending machines are distributing food of all kinds from eggs to pecan pie to pizza. PizzaForno has 20 locations in Toronto, Canada, where it makes several flavors of pizza and take them to the machine uncooked, according to the report. The customer selects the pizza, pays and waits while it cooks or selects the cold option to take home and cook. Farmers are using ATM machines to sell produce when a farm stand or store is closed.

In Singapore, one company has several has Norwegian salmon ATMs that distributes fillets direct to the customer. The ATM is set at a temperature of -4 degrees F that can keep the fish fresh up to two years, according to Forbes.