14 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ditch Your Brick-and-Mortar Bank Yet

27th November 2019

Online banking is on the rise, with digital-only banks boasting higher interest rates than many…

Taiwan’s financial regulator: ATMs won’t disappear, they’ll just become smarter

22nd November 2019

Taiwan has been pushing toward cashless payments. However, its financial regulator reassured citizens on Tuesday, that…

Labour promises ban on ATM fees, to end branch closures, and a Post Bank

22nd November 2019

The UK’s Labour party has pledged to ban ATM fees, stop bank branch closures and…

Cornèrcard launches biometric credit card

21st November 2019

Switzerland’s Cornèrcard has teamed up with Gemalto and Visa to launch the country’s first credit…

Only 9% of the world’s top tier banks are effectively monetising payments data

21st November 2019

Only 9% of the world’s top tier banks are effectively monetising payments data. The findings…

CaixaBank offers facial recognition for cash at ATMs withdrawal

18th November 2019

CaixaBank has become the first financial institution to offer facial recognition to withdraw cash from ATMs,…

Yorkshire ATM dispenses mysterious ‘Twenty Poond’ play money

18th November 2019

An ATM in Yorkshire dispensed “Twenty Poond” notes that were obviously fake, according to a report in…

McDonald’s Self-Order Kiosks Need A Cash Upgrade

15th November 2019

Self-service kiosks are being installed at more Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) catering to hungry, in-a-hurry…

DressCode ships contactless shirt

13th November 2019

UK-based DressCode has released the ultimate in geek chic, a tailored shirt with a contactless…

Millennials choose payments convenience over security

6th November 2019

A survey by Compass Plus has revealed that while millennials rely heavily on their mobile…

Self-Service in the Branch and as the Branch

5th November 2019

The financial industry has witnessed major changes in the way people connect with their financial…

Canada’s Interac buys digital ID outfit 2Keys

5th November 2019

Canadian debit network Interac has acquired Ottawa-based 2Keys to strengthen its position in the digital…

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