ACI Worldwide enters ATM management deal with Ecuador’s Banco Internacional

ACI Worldwide has announced that Banco Internacional, one of Ecuador’s largest banks for commercial and credit placement, will support the management of its ATM network with Postilion, which is part of ACI’s retail payments portfolio.

“As countries across Latin America make the transition from cash to digital methods of payment, banks like Banco International require a solution that can be cost effectively deployed to meet their needs,” Mandy Killam, executive vice president and growth markets leader at ACI Worldwide, said in a press release. “Banco International will benefit from the flexibility offered by ACI.”

As an example, Killam said that while ATMs are a service often required in cities, mobile payment services are often required in rural areas. The ACI agreement will help Banco International decide what options to offer consumers in those areas.

“As the market evolves and consumer demand for digital payments increases across Ecuador, ACI’s solutions will help strengthen our banking services,” Guillermo Moreano, vice president of operations and technology at Banco International, said in a release from ACI. “With ACI’s Retail Payments, we ensure a robust and constant operation for our customers.”