ABN Amro shuts down half of its ATM estate in response to escalating violence

ABN Amro has shut down and emptied 479 cash dispensers as an emergency response to a sharp rise in ATM explosive attacks.

The drastic measure follows a rise in attacks targeting “a certain type of cash dispenser” used by the Dutch bank at locations across the country.

“The attacks are causing anxiety and unrest among inhabitants and businesses in the vicinity of the ATMs,” says the bank in a statement. “As ABN Amro puts the safety of the neighbourhood first, it has decided to shut down all cash dispensers of this type with immediate effect.

The shut down has closed off more than half of the bank’s 800-plus ATM estate.

States the bank: “We understand that this measure may inconvenience people seeking to take out cash, but the safety of local inhabitants and businesses are our prime concern.”

Recent figures from the European ATM Security Team showed that the number of physical attacks on ATMs in Europe has risen for the fourth consecutive year, rising by 27% when compared with 2017 (up from 3584 to 4549 incidents), and causing losses of EUR36 million, a 16% increase on 2017. The average cash loss per solid explosive attack is estimated at EUR27,065.