Batopin signs ATM as a Service agreement with Auriga to run the new network for Belgium’s four biggest banks.

Posted: 7th December 2020

Auriga today announced a ground-breaking new agreement to provide a complete ATM as a service solution to create and run a new shared state of the art ATM infrastructure for Belgium’s four largest retail banks.

The initiative is called Batopin (Belgian ATM Optimization Initiative), which is supported by Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis, ING and KBC, and aims at providing 95% of Belgians access to a modern ATM service within five kilometres of their home or business.

To help achieve the goals for Batopin, Auriga will be providing complete end-to-end management of the new ATM network including software development and management, maintenance, security and other managed services.

This includes comprehensive monitoring of the ATMs, transaction processing, cash management and asset management. To protect the new ATM network, there will be an advanced state-of-the-art ATM security solution as well as a full incident management system.

Batopin’s new ATM infrastructure will run on a single software platform based on Auriga’s multivendor integrated ATM acquiring solution called Auriga WinWebServer (WWS).

This will take advantage of Auriga’s unique cloud-based concept for managing all channels consistently and with minimal effort, regardless of the manufacturer of the ATM or self-service device.

As result, Batopin will be able to replace existing machines with the latest network neutral self-service machines, and fully leverage how Auriga WWS can enable the development of new revenue generating services alongside traditional cash withdrawal and deposit services.


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