Visa rolls out Fintech Partner Connect programme

Posted: 11th November 2020

Visa is to provide financial institutions and merchants with seamless access to a roster of 13 curated fintech partners offering a suite of value added digital payments services.

Fintechs enrolled in the initiative include credit scoring startup Aire, SME credit risk analytics firm AccountScore, buy now, pay later outfit ChargeAfter, subscription manager Minna Technologies, ID verification company Onfido and CO2 footprint tracker ecolytiq, among others.

The European rollout of Fintech Partner Connect follows a successful pilot which has already seen a number of Visa’s clients embark on new projects says Mark Nelsen, SVP, Europe Product, at Visa.

“The popularity and need for digital payments and online banking has never been greater with the global pandemic accelerating this shift in behaviour,” he says. “This means that financial institutions and businesses of all sizes are looking for ways to rapidly develop their offerings. Visa Fintech Partner Connect enables them to do just that, combining Visa expertise with some of Europe’s most innovative fintechs to develop next generation digital solutions.”


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