Yorkshire Building Society applies low code platform to rebuild of e-commerce systems

Posted: 16th October 2019

Yorkshire Building Society has used a low code platform from OutSystems to replace its outmoded e-commerce systems, re-building a platform that serves multiple use cases while significantly reducing the load on its branches and call centres.

A critical update to Yorkshire Building Society’s back-office systems, the new platform aims to reduce the number of customer calls by at least 40% through the automation of many operational account servicing processes. It will also save the Society £600,000 per year by digitising the issuance of annual reports.

OutSystems’ low code platform offers rapid application development capabilities, enabling engineers to visualise and build enterprise-grade apps that integrate with existing systems.

Garry Larner, regional director, financial services and insurance at OutSystems, says: “Extending the self-serve capabilities of Yorkshire Building Society’s technology to alleviate the load on its branches and call centres was a key KPI for the organisation.”

“Our e-commerce platform was approaching end-of-life,” says Ant Warrington, director of digital and innovation at Yorkshire Building Society. “We wanted to streamline our employees’ internal workflows and processes to improve overall efficiency throughout the business.”

Categories: Banking FinTech
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