Are the changes to LINK Interchange exactly what the Industry needs?

Posted: 26th March 2018

In business they say change is good, and we at Retail-BCG firmly believe this.

Take the latest news from LINK, Interchange to be reduced by 20%.

The Industry is now crying out and saying this will reduce the number of ATMs, or will force ATMs to become surcharging. This may be the case but the correct answer is this will force the industry to innovate and develop new income streams which strengthen the ATM as a true consumer channel.

We believe the ATM will morph over the next 5 years into a kiosk style service, where the ATM can transfer money, pay bills, provide emergency cash, and convert online tokens into currency, to name a few.

The ATM will move to the Spanish model where it has become a branch for financially related services.

If you need help with how to transform your estate into this new income stream then ask for our white paper and we can help take you down this road of transformation.


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Welcome to Retail FCL